A Visual Overview of Cambridge’s Carbon Dioxide Emissions

What is the Cambridge Carbon Map Project?

The Cambridge Carbon Map will bring together town and University organisations to create a public map of carbon emissions for the city of Cambridge, U.K. It will be accessible to anyone with a mobile phone and will allow you to compare carbon emissions for organisations with a simple tap on your mobile screen.

Who is working on it?

A collaboration between various groups including Cambridgeshire Climate Emergency and the Big Cambridge Climate Conversation, the project was inspired by a similar map created by Cambridgeshire Climate Emergency.

The Cambridge Carbon Map is the pilot project of the “Big Cambridge Climate Change Conversation” (BC4), a new group launched in December 2019 that aims to bridge the divide between the city and the University regarding climate action.

Groups collaborating with the Big Cambridge Climate Change Conversation include: the Cambridge City Council, the Cambridge County Council, King’s College Cambridge, St Edmund’s College Cambridge, The Leys school, TEGA (Trinity Ethical and Green Affairs), the Cambridge GEECS (Cambridge Group for Ethics in Engineering and Computer Science). Talks with Cambridge Zero and the University of Cambridge are currently ongoing.


What are we working on now?

BC4 aims to first measure scope 1 and scope 2 utility emissions of selected colleges and institutions (e.g. gas, electricity usage, heat pumps), but this may expand to all of scope 2 and scope 3 emissions (e.g. food procurement, air travel funded by the institution etc).