Cambridge Carbon Map

collaboration over competition

transparency over secrecy

decarbonisation not demonisation


  • Enables local organisations to present emissions data
  • On an accessible, easy-to-use digital platform
  • Collaborating to drive action
  • Accessible to anyone with a mobile phone
  • Compare carbon emission for organisations
  • Action is just tap on your mobile screen!

Video Script

Dr Hugh Hunt

Founder, Cambridge Carbon Map

It’s really important that we will take both individual and collective responsibilities for climate change, and carbon foot print.

And the first thing you need to know is what carbon foot print is, and where the bad bits are.

And the carbon map is about to put your finger just there, where it is, where are the hot spots of carbon.

Dr Emily Shuckburgh

Director, Cambridge Zero

Tackling climate change requires coordinated action. It is vital that we all work together, collaborate effectively in order to reduce carbon emissions.

And the Cambridge Carbon Map is a great way to do that.

Dr Matthew Agarwala

Bennett Institute for Public Policy, Cambridge University

Carbon dioxide is invisible, literally, in the atmosphere, but (it’s) also figuratively, in the daily decisions of ordinary people going about  their lives.

And that makes it difficult to manage.

The Cambridge Carbon Map will help us to measure how and where we emit carbon., as well as who we need to bring together to reduce it.

And once we can measure it, we can manage it.

Shan Tan-Ya

University Lead

So its basically an online platform where you can see the emission data of various organisations,

And we think  that by bringing all these data in one place from out of  the shadow or wherever its hidden, will make it much more powerful and less likely to escape change.

One of the main aims of the map I really like is that instead of creating a community when it comes to climate action.

Georgia Hoile

Publicity and Media

The Cambridge Carbon Map aims to be a collaboration of all organisations in Cambridge, being the university, the council, or local businesses.

And the idea is that we put everyone’s carbon emission data on an online map, which is easily accessible.

Puria Radmard

Development Lead

We’ve got not just people across the different universities in the UK but also a world wide team of professionals who really believe in the core and values of the project.


UX Team

I love the project management, I love the support and collaboration from everybody in the team.

Hassan Aftab Sheikh

College Outreach

I got involved with the carbon map because coming from a natural sciences background, I want to have more hands-on experience.

Yige(Grace) Zhang

Branding Team

We have such a global team that I’m always learning new things when we are discussing.

Jeevan Bhoot

Backend Developer

Carbon Map is a platform allowing communities to come together, collaborate, discuss and even compete within all the climate action, and helping one another. It has been a great journey so far, and excited for the further works.

Chris Pointon

Founder, Cambridge Carbon Map

Now what we need is data from the organisations and businesses in Cambridge, so that we can start to fill up the map and get the conversation going.

We are also keen to hear from the organisations and collaborators to bring in more data, and will make it a more effective source.

We are very grateful to Cambridge County Council, the City Council, and the University of Cambridge for support of the project. We are also thankful to all the volunteers that has been working on the Cambridge Carbon Map for the last few months. They’ve done a fantastic job.


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