the team

[vc_team_member_two name=”Stefan Haselwimmer” position=”Town lead and founder” description=”Stefan is an award-winning social entrepreneur, founder of PhoneAnything and Usability Exchange. In 2019, he launched Cambridgeshire Climate Emergency which provided the inspiration for the Cambridge Carbon Map. Email:” tw_url=”” fb_url=”” gp_url=”” image=”429″]
[vc_team_member_two name=”Dr Hugh Hunt” position=”Founder” description=”Dr Hunt is Reader of Engineering Dynamics and Vibration at Cambridge University, and a Fellow of Trinity College. He is the Founder and Chair of Cambridge Climate Lecture Series @climateseries and Acting Director of the Centre for Climate Repair @RepairClimate Email:” tw_url=”” fb_url=”” gp_url=”” image=”430″]
[vc_team_member_two name=”Shan Tan-Ya” position=”University lead” description=”Shan is Digital and Publicity officer for the Cambridge Group for Ethics in Engineering and Computer Science (CGEECS). She has led the efforts on the University side to create the Cambridge Carbon Map by developing relations and motivating organisations to release their energy usage data. Email:” tw_url=”” fb_url=”” gp_url=”” image=”93″]
[vc_team_member_two name=”Puria Radmard” position=”University technical lead” description=”Puria has worked with various social enterprises and charities including Blue Tap and the Climate Crisis Foundation. He was recently awarded a Vice-Chancellor Social Impact Award for his work prototyping the map amongst other achievements. Email:” tw_url=”” fb_url=”” gp_url=”” image=”104″]
[vc_team_member_two name=”Chris Pointon” position=”Town technical lead and Co-founder” description=”Chris is an internet entrepreneur and technologist. He has worked in areas including mobile and desktop apps for major brands, massively multiplayer games, and social media management systems, and has been technical co-founder of six companies. Email:” tw_url=”” fb_url=”” gp_url=”” image=”102″]
[vc_team_member_two name=”Hassan Aftab Sheikh” position=”College and Branding Lead” description=”Hassan a graduate of MASt in Earth Sciences. He has worked with several charities and organisations. He has also worked with Climate Crisis Foundation as a student consultant. In December 2019, he was part of the team which founded ‘Big Cambridge Climate Change Conversation’ (BC4). Email:” tw_url=”” fb_url=”” gp_url=”” image=”424″]
[vc_team_member_two name=”Georgia Hoile” position=”Publicity and Media” description=”Georgia is President of CU HELP, a student-run charity, and currently runs all forms of social media for the Cambridge Carbon Map. She raises awareness for our organisation and keeps the public and stakeholders up to date with our progress. Email:” tw_url=”” fb_url=”” gp_url=”” image=”425″]
[vc_team_member_two name=”Jeevan Singh Bhoot” position=”Developing team” description=”Engineering student at Trinity College, University of Cambridge. I wanted to contribute to a project that is trying to make a difference to society. The carbon map project is part of the foundation to battling climate change, which is an issue that I care a lot about. Moreover, I wanted to expand my skillset, learning new programming languages and modules.” tw_url=”” fb_url=”” gp_url=”” image=”338″]
[vc_team_member_two name=”Khaled Oozeer” position=”Branding team” description=”Incoming 2nd year Geophysics undergraduate student at Imperial College London. I found about the carbon map project after searching for an opportunity to apply myself towards a unique and distinctive approach to mitigate climate change. Contact:” tw_url=”” fb_url=”” gp_url=”” image=”375″]
[vc_team_member_two name=”Laurence Wayne” position=”Back-End Developer” description=”I am currently in my third year of a Geophysics degree from Durham University! I heard about this project when I saw it advertised on LinkedIn by one of my connections asking for some volunteers who had a bit of coding experience.” tw_url=”” fb_url=”” gp_url=”” image=”312″]
[vc_team_member_two name=”Henry Worrall” position=”Front-end developer” description=”I studied natural sciences at the University of Leeds and am now looking for a job in either data analysis or software development. I heard about the opportunity to get involved with the Cambridge Carbon Map project through a post that was shared on LinkedIn, and I was immediately interested.” tw_url=”” fb_url=”” gp_url=”” image=”314″]
[vc_team_member_two name=”Emma Elkington” position=”Back-End Developer” description=”I’m currently studying Physics at Cambridge. I had wanted to get some programming experience over the summer but wasn’t sure how or where, so this project has given me more than enough motivation by coupling learning new skills with a wider purpose of combating climate change.” tw_url=”” fb_url=”” gp_url=”” image=”377″]
[vc_team_member_two name=”(Grace) Yige Zhang” position=”Branding Team” description=”2nd year Geologist at Imperial College. CCM is such a place full of chances to experience and share bright strategies toward greener lifestyle.” tw_url=”” fb_url=”” gp_url=”” image=”315″]
[vc_team_member_two name=”Arman Sarjou” position=”Back-end team” description=”CCM’s vision to produce meaningful solutions to the climate emergency using data-driven methods aligns with my own. Working with CCM seemed like the perfect opportunity to learn something new while building a platform that will be a real force of good! Contact:” tw_url=”” fb_url=”” gp_url=”” image=”313″]