Climate Action Stories

We all know that we need to do more to reduce our impact on our planet. But how exactly can individuals or organisations make a difference, and how much difference can we make? Our team is working closely with Cambridge organisations taking climate action to tell their stories in an accessible, inspiring way.

Cambridge Department of Psychiatry 2019-2021

The Department of Psychiatry in Cambridge has 140 members of staff spread across 4 sites, the largest of which is their office in the Herchel Smith Building, at Addenbrooke’s hospital. They have an active Green Impact team and Climate Emergency Group, and are keen to find ways of reducing the department’s environmental impact as a whole.

Contact person:

Rob Clarke, Administrator / Receptionist for the Herchel Smith Building.

Our 1 sentence sustainability goal:

We would like to continue working through the University’s Green Impact workbook to keep our ‘Gold’ award each year and, if possible, try to achieve a ‘Platinum’ award in the future.

Rob Clarke, Administrator for the Herchel Smith Building

Early in 2019, I attended a ‘Systemslink’ training course, which is what we use to monitor energy usage at the Herchel Smith Building. During the course, I was taught how to access the buildings energy usage data across the year.  I noticed that the majority of energy being used was from our storage heaters, while they store heat overnight. The energy usage was so high that our energy usage peak was around 2am, rather than the middle of the day when most staff are on site.

Rob Clarke

Lisa Ronan carried out a departmental travel survey to understand where the largest carbon footprint was coming from.